When or How New Application Status Will Change On Qatar Airways Site?

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When or How New Application Status Will Change On Qatar Airways Site?

Hi, I have applied on Qatar Airways for some positions and I was wondering when or how my application status will change. How many days or months does it take to change its status because it’s making me confused after so many days/months. If you can answer the following questions I will appreciate that.

Question No 1: Is there any timeframe for application status changing?

Question No 2: Are there any tips for us so we can follow your guidance?

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Application status will change from time to time so we should not focus on that. Once you applied for the position then the status will remain the same until you get an interview like Sonru/WebEx/F2F or at an event. If your status is on Booked Live Interview or any other please don’t worry you are in the process so they will get back to you once they have enough information. They will go into further steps as soon as they finish the previous update which you have submitted. Therefore, apart from this, there is not a single person in this world who will give you an accurate answer to this question. No one knows when or how Qatar Airways Company will respond so we should wait for more. I will share my experience with you so maybe you will get my point,

  • They Did Not See Your Application Yet,
  • They Are Busy With Other Work,
  • HR Department Does Not Have Enough People To See Each Application On A Daily Basis
  • They Are Waiting For Some Permission From Top Management
  • They Are Waiting For Your Supporting Documents
  • They Are Verifying Your Data/Details
  • They Need More Information To Update
  • Maybe Some Other Delays.

Please note one thing if you did not receive any response from the HR team for more than 3 to 4 months then consider your application is rejected most likely. These are my assumptions so they can also send you an invitation for the interview after a few months or even 8 months so no one can decide.

Tips for You:

Please do not stop applying for Qatar Airways positions until you get your dream job. No one can stop you from applying for multiple positions so do not stop and continue your hunt.

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