What Are The Application Status Meaning Qatar Airways Website?

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What Are The Application Status Meaning Qatar Airways Website?

If you are looking for the answer to these questions below,

  1. What is the application status mean?
  2. When Qatar Airways will change my application status?
  3. Qatar Airways website application status?
  4. Am I Rejected?

Just read the below answer. 

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Please forget about the application status they will change from time to time so don’t focus on the status. Just wait for a golden call or final status like (Offer To be Made). I have uploaded the latest video on this topic where you will get all the Qatar Airways Application Status Meaning and I’m 100% sure that after watching this video you will be satisfied & never gonna search for this topic. I have made more than 3 videos on this topic but this one below is the latest and final video for your answer. Click On This Below Image To Watch Video or Click Here To Watch

Watch Status Meaning Fully Updated Video 2022 All Answers In This Video: Click Here To Watch

Accepting Job Submission: The due date is not finished yet for this position and people can apply for this position.

Resume Acknowledged: Your application is pending HR didn’t see yet so wait for it to change no idea when it will change or not.

HM Review: They are making a decision on your application whether they will shortlist you for the interview or not.

Under Consideration: Good, your application is being considered for that position.

No Longer Under Consideration: You are rejected. Sorry for that don’t lose hope to apply for other jobs. But for this position, you can’t apply for the next 6 month

Completed: When they finish any step they change back to this status.

Booked Live Interview: It means its a web-ex final interview

WebEx Interview: Most likely this is the final round for your interview so you need to prepare yourself for this.

Completed F2F: It means you are done with (Face to Face) interview which is most likely last and now wait for their response.

Written Offer Under Process: Congratulations it means they are preparing your written offer letter soon you will receive it in your email.

Video Recorded Interview: it means Sonru App interview

Position on Hold: Maybe some issues your job is on hold

Hired: You are hired successfully

Collecting Documents: They will ask for your experience letters, education certificates

Pre-recorded Video Screening Completed: It means you have done Sonru App / Video interview it’s not with HR just a video recording on the app.

CC New MBR External Status Meaning: It means (Meets Basic Requirements) External Mean (they use this word for External Staff, not Internal)

Pending: It means something goes wrong or HR is busy or maybe no one is available to take your interview so wait they will get back to you.

Immigration Clarance In Process: Good finally they are processing your visa and soon you will get it don’t worry. You can also check your visa online from the Qatar MOI website I have uploaded a video on this topic check on my channel.

EXTENDED: Wait for the response they are going to reply late because they have extended the date for all the interviews/candidates. It means they are going to hire other candidates.

Awaiting DOJ: DOJ means Date of Joining so if you are seeing the Qatar airways application status meaning (Awaiting DOJ) then it means they are waiting for the response from your side to confirm the date of joining or they will send you an email regarding the DOJ. There are some cases when they put this status to hold the application for 2 or 3 days to get DOJ from the top management then you will receive the email as well. Don’t worry its normal

Data Bridge Completed Application Status: It means they have completed the all data for your profile and submitted it to the TOP management for further approvals/permissions. It’s a positive sign that you are selected for the round or selections so don’t worry it’s completely fine and better for you.

Selection Stage Completed Application Status: It means you are selected and they are going to send your an offer letter/ticket/visa so get ready for that. Soon you’ll receive the email from HR regarding the position selection process or any further steps from their side. Congratulations on being selected by Qatar Airways.

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