Upholsterer grade and salary and benifits

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Upholsterer grade and salary and benifits

pls tell me about details of my subject Upholsterer grade and salary and benifits

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It depends on the position because we have different roles in the category of upholster so I can’t give you the exact answer on it. But grades can be from 5 to 6 still nice even if the job is 5 grade or 4. You will get better pay and benefits than most of the Qatar airways employees in grades 1 2 3…

  • Family Sponsorship (Only Above 5000QAR Salary) (Grade 4+) Recommended 6+
  • Annual Leave Ticket: Y=economy Class: ‘Y’ Class Ticket On Qatar Airways Network For Yourself Once A Year Up To The Nearest International Airport To Your Hometown In Accordance With Company’s Policies (Wherever Possible Qatar Airways Network Will Be Utilized).
  • Joining Ticket: Employees Hired Internationally And Joining On Qr Group Sponsorship Will Be Given A Way Joining Ticket From Their Location Of Recruitment, Permanent Residence, Or Place Of Work.
  • Travel Concession On QR: Unlimited Id50 Tickets For Self, Spouse, Children Up To 24th Birthday (As Applicable) And One (1) ID90 Ticket For Self. ID90 Tickets Entitle You To A 90% Discount And ID50 Tickets To A 50% Discount. ID90 Unlimited For Yourself
  • Health Insurance Including Dental, Life, Etc.
  • 5 weeks of professional training based on the Amadeus system, Qatar Airways products, and policies with another 2 weeks of coaching period provided by our Subject Matter Experts
  • Relocation assistance provided
  • Social benefits package (including private medical care, Multisport card, Christmas and Holyday bonus, and more)
  • Free Tickets For Your Friend As Well Once Or Twice A Year (Most Likely Grade 6+)
  • Get Benefits For In-Laws Family Also But You Need To Provide Evidence/Proof.
  • Note: All Positions Are Different And Their Benefits Also But Most Of Them Same.
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