Relatives currently working with qatar airways

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Relatives currently working with qatar airways

I have received my e offer letter last week.
But I mentioned about my first degree relative who is currently working with qatar airways in the form related to personal information. Haven’t mentioned about him prior.Lately came to know that he is still working there.So will there be any problems in future related with it??

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Thanks for your question,

Just zip your mouth and continue your job even don’t mention this to your relatives or cousin or someone if they find out that you did this mistake then they will inform the company.. Jealousy is common in human nature so be careful. Don’t worry there is no problem until you create for yourself.

Note: Just forget you made this mistake and don’t tell anyone about your relative working there. 

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Sir i have mention about my relative and accepted offer letter on 12 December but after that no response. Is there any problem to mention about relative in my application.if not then why he is is taking too much time please guide me sir I’m really upset

Nawab Khan brother as I have mentioned many times there is nothing we can do except waiting. Yes, one thing is sure you are selected and no one can take that from you please wait even for a few more months. No idea maybe they will send you tomorrow or next week.