Query about the position

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Query about the position

Hi There ,

I applied for the position of  ” Customer Service – Staff Travel Officer ” Any Idea about the Salary , Grade & Benefits. And how long it’s Training after the joining  .

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Thanks Amir Shafi, after so long time I got your question actually I was busy in developing the other sites and also upgrading this one. anyway

Following details can be useful for you as per my knowledge,

  1. Title: Customer Service Staff Travel Officer
  2. Grade: 5 10000% (could be 6) but it depends on the department also
  3. Salary 8500+ QAR & Some Other Benefits Like Accommodations or Transportation Allowances etc.
  4. Benefits are different in each department but most likely the same so we shouldn’t be worry because the salary is more than enough.

Mr. Amir Shafi, I’m really praying for you that one day you will get the job don’t lose your hope In Shaa Allah I wish you all the best. 🙂 Keep smiling. I’m active now feel free to ask any question now.

Amir Shafi Edited comment June 7, 2022

Assalamualaikum ,
Bhut Shukria for your sweet reply. I am here at your service Bhai . I have checked it’s Grade 6 position in QR Customer Service department Alhamdulliah . Pray for me to get job in QR in Doha insha’Allah . I am fully trying to get in .
Please advise are they provide Family accomodation?
Amir Shafi,