Jack of all Trade

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Jack of all Trade

. Senior Reservations Agent – Discover Qatar.

Grade: 4

Salary 6000+QAR

2. Reservations Coordinator – Discover Qatar

Grade: 4 or 5 Confused

Salary: 6000+ or 8000+

3. Airport Operations Officer – Discover Qatar.

Grade: 6

Salary: 10,000+

4. Senior Operations Officer – Discover Qatar.

Grade 6

Salary: 10,000+QAR

5. Senior Reservation Officer – Discover Qatar.

Grade 5

Salary: 8000+QAR

I’m here to help and guide don’t worry I will try my best to answer all of your questions as per my knowledge. Please do not apply for higher positions more than your experience or qualification because this is unprofessional to waste your or their time. They are very professional in the hiring process so if they think that you are applying for random positions which never match your qualifications then they will not consider you for any other positions.

Dear Mr Shan Iqbal , Assalamualaikum hope you are doing well Alhamdulliah. Bhai I am Alhamdulliah ” Jack of all Trades ” . I have 25years experience in Airport Operations , Ticketing Town Offices , Airport Ticketing office experience , IATA & Non-IATA travel agencies experience in Managerial Positioi, Excellent working experience in Omeir Travels Abu Dhabi & Al Ain cities ( GSA ‘ s ) . And Above all I am Alhamdulliah Advanced IATA-UFTAA Certicates Holder ( Montreal ,Canada). Having Splendid working experience in World’s Best Airline , where I did numerous Trainings in Emirates Aviation College , Dubai .  According to my Huge experience in Aviation Market . I  applied couple of positions in Qatar Airways .

JazakAllah Khair , Onc again Shukria for Answer my all questions .


Amir Shafi, Lahore.

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Assalaam o Alikum!, 

Amir Shafi Brother I know you are an experienced and senior guy because when you mentioned those positions you have applied. I wish you all the best for your future IN Shaa Allah you will get the highest position in Qatar Airways as you are very professional person.. Good luck dear

Amir Shafi Posted new comment June 8, 2022

Walikum US Salaam Bhai ,
Bhut Shukria , JazakAllah Khair. Insha’Allah you are the one who always Motivate to me Alhamdulliah. Pray for me !
Amir Shafi ,
Lahore .