Information Require

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Information Require

FFP Operations Support Officer  14686

Application Status ” HM Review ” since 14 Nov2021.

Dear Mr Shan Kindly advise the Grade of this Position along with Salary & Benefits . JazakAllah.


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Operations Support Officer Grade Should Be 6 or More Than 6.

Salary Would Be Around: 10,000+QAR

  1. Family Sponsorship
  2. Free Ticket For Yourself
  3. Free Tickets For Your Family
  4. Free Tickets For Brothers In Law, Sister In Law, Father In Law etc
  5. Free Tickets For Your Friend As well Once or twice a year
  6. Food, Accommodation or you will get in the salary
  7. Insurance inlucding Dental, Life etc
  8. much more etc all benefits included in this position

if you get it you will be lucky because you are going to make lot of money in with this position.. Look we all are hungry for the money so salary is important in this category.

Jobs Advisor Selected answer as best March 2, 2022