Customer Service Agent [HUB]

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Customer Service Agent [HUB]

Hey Shan ! hope you ok and doing well i been following your utube channel great stuff just would like to ask quick question i received sonru Interview yesterday will complete in couple of days when free can please advise the salary for this role and grade specific to this position and company accommodation if available for this position thanks a lot looking forward to hear from you soon

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Answering on behalf of Shan

Hi DaniEK,

First I would advice you to submit sonru interview as early as possible and don’t wait for deadline. This is the mistake which I also have done in past. It may not effect on result, But might delay your selection process.


Salary- Basic: 3190  

            Accomodation: 1500 (if opt out cmpny accomodation) 

**For Girls it is mandatory to use company accomodation unless you are married for security reasons. No Allowance provided**

Transportation: 350

Grade- 03

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Hey thanks for your quick response can you please give any advice what to expect on Sonru Interview i mean any questions you can think of and obviously that will help to crake this through
Thanks really appreciate your time

So professional answer..<3 thanks

Hi Dani EK, Thanks for your comment

Example Only:

1: Tell us about yourself?
2: Why do you want to join Qatar Airways?
3: What is your previous experience?
4: what is a customer service job?
5: What do you know about the company?
6: Tell us a situation when you handle a difficult customer who is not happy with the company/product or services?
7: What are your biggest weaknesses?
8: What are your biggest strengths?
9: Where do you see yourself in five years?
10: Out of all the candidates, why should we hire you?
11: Why do you want this job?

some other search from youtube or google. But just make sure you will give these answers with confidence.

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