CSA Or HIA Lounge attendant

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CSA Or HIA Lounge attendant

  • Hi, I just need to  know that which department is good for work,salary,growth & benefits wise!!!! Customer Service Agent vs HIA lounge attendant!!!!!
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Both departments are amazing but If you ask me Personally I will Prefer only HIA First and then Customer Service Agent…

HIA Lounge Attended (It’s in Airport Operations (Hamad International Airport) )

Few Benefits

  • You will get less work and more salary
  • highly professional and no pressure in my own experience
  • But you will not get ID90 Unlimted
  • Maybe 4 days work and 4 days off something like that Yes you read it right. but mostly customer service guys are working with this pattern but maybe you will get it too.

Customer Service Agent (CSA) (Qatar Airways Main Department)

  • Qatar Airways Main Department
  • One of the best places to work if you want to face  all passengers coming from around the world
  • You will deal with passengers every moment
  • Feelings are amazing if you love this customer service
  • ID90 Unlimited one of the best benefit of this department
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