Should I Join Qatar Airways as Cabin Crew?

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Should I Join Qatar Airways as Cabin Crew?

Hello sir
first of all ,I want to appreciate your dedication to make such great videos.
I am a candidate for the role of cabin crew in qatar airways before the medical test in my country.I have done lots of research about  this career  and I came to across this points:
1-bad management and bad treatment with cabin crew
2-strict rules which push most of the crew to resign such as minimum rest(15 hr),sick leave,reporting culture and overall bad atmosphere.
3-confusing about getting married when you are working as cabin crew(if it is ok ,are we allowed to rent a house? )
4-curfew 4-7am even on off days.
5-QR is always recruiting cabin crew , which is worrying because I do not see this trend in emirates For example,recruiting every month means there is a problem over there.

I will be thankful if you could help me make the right decision

Jobs Advisor Posted new comment February 20, 2022

I’ve made your question publiclly So it will help others to understand and get more knowledge about company.

Note: Your name is still invisible mean this question is anonymous.. So don’t worry.


There is only one answer/word for you that you should join this company as soon as possible because of below reasons.

  • Look only few companies are hiring Qatar Airways is one of them.
  • Why people get fired because of their mistake trust me.
  • Qatar Airways removing every single person whoever break policy for QR.
  • Emirates Airline yes they terminate less hire more (True)
  • Qatar Airways is more restrictive.
  • You can get marry just don’t mention it because one you will mention they will remove you no matter how good you are.. until now.. In future I have no idea…
Jobs Advisor Answered question February 20, 2022