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Why I’m posting this so you can download the

One Page ATS Resume Template Free.

Rejection is a normal part of the job search process.

Everyone does not get an interview or a job offer.

But do you know what else is involved in the job search?

Has your resume been rejected before the recruiter even looks at it?

In most cases, your resume must first pass through an Applicant Tracking System before reaching the recruiter (ATS).

And here’s the kicker: over 70% of job applications fail!

Source: CareerArc

But don’t worry. I have your back!

It is not difficult to get past applicant tracking systems. I’ll teach you how to do it in this guide:

I will cover the following topics in this comprehensive guide:

  • What exactly is an Application Tracking System (ATS)?
  • How Do You Make an ATS Resume?
  • How Do You Perform an ATS Check on Your Resume?
  • 8+ 2022 ATS Resume Templates
  • How To Download One Page ATS Resume Template Free.

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?

Employers use an applicant tracking system (ATS) to manage the entire application process.

This system gathers, scans, and ranks all applications. ATS was initially designed for larger corporations.

And the numbers back this up: 75% of large companies use an applicant tracking system (ATS) because they receive thousands of applications every day.

However, an ATS is now used by businesses of all sizes (including over 98% of Fortune 500 companies). don’t worry I have provided ATS Resume Template Free from my favorite list.

Why Do so Many Firms Use Ats? 

ATS has improved their company for two main reasons, according to 95% of professionals:

1: Companies benefit greatly from using ATS because it narrows the flood of applications, saving them time and resources. The online system keeps things organized rather than going through stacks of paper.
2: The system is also non-discriminatory, which means that it does not take into account factors like age, gender, or race. Machines, at the end of the day, cannot be biassed!

Source: JobScan

The system begins by creating a job posting for the company. This posting is then distributed via company websites, job boards, hiring platforms, or email. When a job application is received, the system scans it.

The ATS divides the resume into sections such as Work Experience, Education, Skill sets, Language groups, Certification requirements, and so on.

Then it tries to search for keyword phrases and credentials to determine whether you are a match for the position description.

One Page ATS Resume Template Free.
One Page ATS Resume Template Free.

Download One Page ATS Resume Template Free.

I’ve added the demo information in the resume so you can download and change it according to yours. Please always use Hard and Soft skills to make your resume more professional. If you can notice during the scan of this resume on the ATS Resume checker you will find out that there are some skills mentioned on the page which means these are the most important when you are applying for any job.

If you will miss these skills then as per my knowledge you are going to miss the most important part and also your resume can be in the trash by ATS software without HR notice. People do a lot of searches regarding the ATS Resume Template Free but they end up with something which they don’t like to download.

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